Play Cricket X Slot at Pin Up Casino

When we think about great tournaments in PinUp Casino gambling club, we tend to imagine football, basketball, or baseball. For some mysterious reason, cricket is severely overlooked by the majority of fans. Sure thing, we get it: the game may seem outdated, and it needs a change of tempo to match modern tastes. However, it has a certain elegance, style, and an air of respectability.

Thanks to the specialists from Smartsoft Gaming we are now able to enjoy all these spectacular features in a shiny new slot with awesome features — Cricket X. Amazingly designed, classy, yet straightforward, this slot has all the chances to become your new favorite game.

The actual gameplay is very undemanding. The beautifully animated batsman launches the ball and players have to predict the limits of its reach. The multiplier will start growing up, following the trajectory of the ball. However, the ball may burst any second; leaving your hands empty.

If you have already tried games from Smartsoft Gaming, you know you should expect uncomplicated yet cool gameplay, high RTP, and beneficial multipliers. Hence, let us look closer at its features.

Basic Information

🎰 Provider SmartSoft
💰 RTP 97,00 %
🔒 Safety Provably Fair algorithm
📊Lines (min/max) N/A
💵 Bet (min/max) 0,01 USD/100 USD
💰 Max win N/A
📱 Mobile version Yes (Android, iOS)
  • Crazy Monkey
  • Cricket Mania
  • Cricket Star Scratch
  • Millionaire MEGAWAYS

Cricket X slot: Pros and Cons

Before you try to launch the ball as high as possible, let us look closer at the advantages of the slot.

Its main pros are obvious:

  • Slick and fresh design:
  • Lucrative free spins features;
  • Incredibly high RTP;
  • Relaxing soundtrack;
  • Freedom of choice.

As for the cons, they are rather insignificant. This slot comes with the following disadvantages:

  • Limited bonus options;
  • No progressive jackpot.

Main Features

As we have already emphasized, the gameplay is simple yet always pleasurable. Players have to predict the behavior of the cricket ball, placing the bet beforehand. The simulation of an actual cricket game seems rather realistic: the ball moves rapidly and almost chaotically. The slot is easy to master and requires no special skills or understanding of cricket rules in general.

Game Modes Spin, Auto-Spin, Turbo-Spin
Symbols Moon, Sky blue, Cricket, India, Planet
Objects Star, Ball
Data Tables Current Stakes, My Bets, Top Wins

In addition, the slot comes with several unique features considering that slots have always been regarded as strictly single-player games. Nonetheless, Cricket X has two multiplayer options:

  • In-Game Chat will allow you to communicate with other players. You may congratulate each other and share tips during the game without switching to other messengers.
  • Winner Board will show you the name of the luckiest winners. Your name will also appear among them once you’ll manage to catch a lucky streak!

Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Each review of RNG games will tell you that there is no such thing as an absolute winning strategy in slots. Of course, some pattern may seem to guide the game, and you can find meaning behind numbers. However, the reality is different. You see, there are two types of randomness in slots:

  • Pseudo-RNGS;
  • True-RNGS.

These generators create sequences completely devoid of patterns. Sure, the statistical results always stay within the specified limits. Still, when it comes to every single round, players cannot expect any sort of Cricket X strategy to work with confidence.

Hence, how to win more often? The answer is simple: you need to take care of your bets. Cricket X is exceptionally fast, so you need to plan your schedule and know how much you are willing to bet.

Cash-Out A multiplier chosen by the player determines the win for each game
Auto Cash-Out The slot cashes out automatically when the ball reaches the multiplier

In general, players tend to choose between three different strategies::

  1. Most players like to play methodically, choosing moderate bets and average multipliers. This approach benefits practical gamblers who wish to make the most out of their bets without risking their budget too much. However, it is rather impractical for those who play to experience adrenaline rushes.
  2. Risk-seeking players tend to select the highest wages, expecting to win or lose big. Such a strategy may burn your gambling budget faster than expected, and yet many players manage to catch a streak of fortune and multiply their funds.
  3. Chaotic gamblers are here for fun. They are rarely interested in predictions or specific patterns and like to switch between modes, bets, and multipliers for the sheer joy of making a choice and seeing whether fortune smiles upon them.

Of course, while the chosen strategy depends mainly on your temperament, you also need to make sure that you can win as often as possible. To decrease your chances of losing, you should follow these simple rules:

  1. Calculate your budget before the game.
  2. Never exceed the set budget.
  3. Do not try to play big all the time. Moderate bets may also be very lucrative in the long run.
  4. Follow your strategy — even though math is powerless regarding RNGs, a set of rules will help you remain calm during the game.
  5. Play for fun! Don’t force yourself to play when you feel that you are not in the mood. People tend to make stupid decisions when they are irritated. Try to relax and remember that gambling should be all about positive emotions and recreation.

How to place a Bet?

Placing a bet and making real money is always easy when you choose slots from Smartsoft Gaming. Once you know the basic rules, you are ready to win — doubtlessly, this slot will become a perfect choice for eager beginners.

Here is a simple guide that will help you to win:

  1. Decide how much you will spend and place your bet;
  2. Set a multiplier;
  3. Spin the wheels and wait until the cricket ball bursts!

When it comes to the bets, you can switch between two options:

  1. Single;
  2. Double.

Of course, single bets will be a reliable choice for green novices who wish to acquaint themselves with the game. Double bets are riskier, meaning you should select them only when you feel confident and ready to deal with greater wins and higher losses.

Cricket X reviews

Cricket X surpassed all my expectations. Here is a very slick, fun, and highly beneficial slot, that provides me with a healthy dose of adrenaline every time a hit the button. Great slot, enjoyable to play with!

Ricky Dhingra

This slot is never challenging or unfair — however, it does require attentiveness and flexibility. You can conquer the game if you are willing to demonstrate these qualities. Don’t get too risky or start with the highest bets. There is a learning curve; the better you understand your chances, the easier it will be to land a jackpot. I’d recommend trying the auto cash-out first. This feature will help you optimize your strategy.

Harbhajan Mehan

Cricket X seems to be a very decent game with great potential. I haven’t tested risky strategies (I dislike worrying about critical failures when the bets are considerable enough). Nonetheless, I tried gambling safely and obtained enough wins to consider it my lucky day.

Mahmood Bala

What a wondrous little gem! Its RTP is downright fantastic! I played with a double multiplier and got a lucky streak, making money without a sweat. Don’t worry about the nuances — the game is pretty straightforward and the return rate is probably the most beneficial one can ever hope to see.

Binod Chhabra

Been playing for more than four weeks now. Enjoyable experience. Cricket X is 100% fair. As of today, this is my favorite slot.

Mohan Anne

I never liked popular sport-themed slots. They usually lack colors and animation. However, Cricket X turned out to be a delightful surprise. It is marvellously designed, smoothly animated, and impressively fun to play. Hands down, this is one of the best slots I have ever tried!

Poonam Cheema

The very best thing about Cricket X is its flexibility. Since you can cash-out at any given moment, the probability of winning a pile of money depends solely on your actions. You can play risky or show restraint: this game is all about trying different strategies and succeeding — with a bit of luck, of course!

Rimi Varty

A friend of mine recommended Cricket X to me — I must say it was the best piece of advice I have ever received! This game is rather beginner-friendly: I have managed to understand the basics very quickly. Definitive recommendation for beginners.

Sai Narine

One of the most satisfying RNG titles I have ever played. This game comes with a tremendous 98.8% RTP. This slot represents a splendid choice for those who like riskier bets since such a high RTP balances the losses with extreme accuracy.

Mohanlal Desai

When I just started playing Cricket X, I was constantly afraid of losing money. Luckily, the provided data is fair, its RTP is as good as it gets, and the game is growing on me. I wholeheartedly recommend it to all players: veterans and novices alike.