Online game Review — Teen Patti on real cash at Pin Up

Teen Patti rules or Indian Poker lets you play the short rounds of this exceptional poker game that comes from India. You only play three cards, and the rules are a simplified version of traditional poker. The rules are so simple that you can learn in a few minutes even if you have never played before. However, it will take much more time to reach the heights of game mastery.

Teen Patti on real cash at Pin Up

While the main game mode is the traditional version of Teen Patti, it's not the only mode you can play. Gamers also have access to the following modes:

  • Joker,
  • Ak47,
  • 999
  • Muflis,
  • 4X Boot,
  • Banco,
  • Revolving Joker
  • In-out.

Each mode brings small changes to the game, providing a lot of variety. Also, clients from India can play at the Pin Up casino both in single-player games and take part in tournaments. Players also have the opportunity to create private tables to play with friends.

In Teen Patti Indian Poker, you can customize the game's graphics by changing the theme as you wish. There are many themes available here, as well as different distributors. Teen Patti is a fast and fun card game. It runs faster than regular poker, and you can play multiple rounds in just a few minutes.

Main features of Teen Patti online game

Teen Patti real cash is one of the varieties of poker that is especially in demand among gamers from India. Everyone and customers of the Pin Up online casino site can enjoy the gameplay in this exciting and generous slot machine. The game itself was developed and invented in India, taking into account the individual characteristics and preferences of players from this country.

Main features of Teen Patti online game

Despite certain features and distinctive characteristics of the Teen Patti slot, the general and basic rules of the gameplay remain unchanged. Gamers also receive three cards during the game, creating a future-winning poker combination. Therefore, Teen Patti is very similar to "Three Card Poker". Here you can see many similar combinations, the winning hands are almost identical. Therefore, those who have previously tried their hand at “Three Card Poker” will be able to quickly get used to and deal with all the details.

The following table allows you to explore and understand the main features and characteristics of the Teen Patti slot.

Name Teen Patty
Provider Evoplay Entertainment
Minimum bet 8 Indian rupees
Maximum bet 8000 Indian rupees
RTP 97.5%
View all

Themes of PinUp game machines

Pin Up online casino is one of the most popular portals in India. It takes care of its customers, providing players with favourable conditions for registering and launching slot machines. The site offers services based on a Curacao license. In India, the site operates completely legally. Many positive reviews from real Indian customers indicate that the gambling and entertainment portal is worthy of attention.

Pin Up Casino has a unique game library. The site has collected numerous diverse gameplay, which is available in two modes:

  1. Demo version.
  2. Real gameplay.

Because the Pin Up casino game library consists of different slot machines, the site administration took care to provide customers with a quick search for the right gameplay. For this purpose, all gambling games of the Pin Up casino were divided into thematic sections, namely:

  • Popular.
  • Slots.
  • Table and card games.
  • Live casino.

Let's look at each section in more detail. And the following table will help to cope with this task.

Category Description
Popular Here, Pin Up casino customers can find the most popular slot machines, which the club's guests most often launch.
Slots This category contains all reel slot machines. Here you can find classic gameplay, as well as modern 3D slots.
Table and card games Here, players from India can find many options for roulette, poker, blackjack, keno, and other table games.
Live Casino Here, players can plunge into the world of real excitement, and play in real-time with real participants and a live dealer.

Teen Patti Bonus Features

Teen Patti Poker for gamers from India does not have any additional features. This is a regular slot machine, which is very similar to three-card poker in the following ways:

  • rules of the game;
  • gameplay features;
  • sequencing.

However, it is worth noting that Pin Up online casino customers from India after registration receive a generous welcome bonus after registering and making their first deposit. The promotion received is aimed at ensuring that new customers can use the donated funds for betting in slot machines. When launching the Teen Patti bonus, Indian customers at the Pin Up online casino can also use the welcome bonus. This allows you to spend on bets, not personal funds but donated by the online club, but still, count on generous rewards with the subsequent possibility of cashing out.

Teen Patti game: Top Wins

The Teen Patti slot machine does not offer its customers a jackpot. However, the absence of such a feature does not upset gamers from India at all. This is because the slot machine itself is very generous in return and allows players to receive good rewards on standard terms.

To get good winnings and understand what you can expect from a particular combination that the user managed to collect after the dealer dealt the cards, you need to know what payouts the Teen Patti slot machine offers.

First, it is worth noting that the Teen Patti slot offers gamers from India two payout options. It all depends on the type of game. In total, there are two options for gameplay, namely:

  1. The game is not blind.
  2. Blind game.

Next, we will consider the payout features for each gameplay option using the following two tables.

The game is not blind

Combination Pay
Pair Push
Three cards of the same colour 1:1
Three cards in regular sequence 5:1
Three cards of the same suit 15:1
Three cards of the same denomination 25:1


Combination Payout calculation
Pair 1:1
One color 5:1
Card Sequence 7:1
One suit 25:1
One denomination 45:1

Based on the above tables with payouts, it can be understood that even with a minimum bet of 8 Indian rupees, you can get quite a generous reward. However, for this, luck must be on the side of the player and the client needs to collect a well-paid combination.

Check Teen Patti Rules before You Play

You need to read the rules before you start playing Teen Patti at Pin Up online casino. Only knowledge of the rules of the gameplay will help every player from India:

  • Feel free during the gameplay.
  • Understand what you can expect from the received cards.
  • What kind of winnings can you get with a certain hand layout?
  • How to bet correctly.
  • How can you protect yourself from unnecessary waste?

All readers will be able further to learn the basic rules of the Teen Patti game and, based on the knowledge gained, more confidently launch this slot at the Pin Up online casino.

Before discussing the rules of the play Teen Patti online, I would like to note that there are no difficulties in this gameplay. The set of conditions is quite simple, they are straightforward to remember. Therefore, the Teen Patti slot machine is perfect for both novice Indian gamers and experienced customers of the Pin Up online casino.

The game's rules are available in the following table.

Game deck The Teen Patti slot uses a deck of 52 cards.
Available number of players At the table during the gameplay can be from 4 to 8 participants.
Cards and Combinations The seniority of the cards corresponds to their dignity.

After all the participants in the game process have gathered at the table, the dealer distributes three cards to each player. After each participant has received his cards, he makes an ante. Next comes the trading stage. It is important to note that trading consists of rounds — each player makes his bet. The number of such rounds can be unlimited. As a result, the winner is the player who has the strongest combination.

Well, let's talk about understanding how strong a combination can be in your hand. To understand this meaning, you need to understand the possible combinations. They may be as follows:

  • Trail. Also, this combination can be called “Set”. These are three cards of the same rank. The highest paying and strongest combination.
  • Pure sequence. The second name of this combination is a street. This combination consists of three consecutive cards. An ace can act as both the highest and lowest card.
  • Colour. The second name is flush. This combination consists of three cards of the same suit.
  • Pair. A combination of two identical cards.
  • Senior card.

These are the combinations that take part in the Teen Patti slot machine.

How To Win A Teen Patti Joker For Real Cash Game

Teen Patti is one of the variants of poker. This game is trendy among gamers from India. The players of this country, with great pleasure, launched this slot machine in the popular online casino Pin Up.

To win in the Teen Patti joker, you need to make real bets — this is one of the first and main conditions. It is impossible to get a real reward without real bets. Therefore, to play the Teen Patti slot for real money and get a win, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to the online casino Pin Up and register.
  2. Make the first deposit to the game balance.
  3. Get and activate a welcome bonus from an online casino.
  4. Select Teen Patti among the presented software.
  5. Select a game for real money.
  6. Place your desired bet.
  7. Begin to play.

It is crucial to analyse the received cards and be able to calculate the possible combinations of your opponents. At least initially, experienced gamers are advised not to play for big stakes. The gameplay at the minimum stakes in the Teen Patti slot will allow the client, even in case of failure, not to suffer big losses and have a chance to recoup.

Practice Teen Patti demo mode

Pin Up online casino offers gamers from India to play Teen Patti slot for free. This slot machine has a demo mode function. It is a Teen Patti demo game that will allow you to practice making bets and correctly conduct the game process for maximum success in the future.

There are a lot of advantages of running the Teen Patti slot machine in demo mode. Here are some of them:

  • it is not necessary to register;
  • no need to spend personal money on bets;
  • consolidation of theoretical knowledge in practice;
  • checking the chosen strategy.

Playing the Teen Patti slot in demo mode at the Pin Up online casino, gamers from India will be able to consolidate their knowledge of the rules, and learn to quickly understand which combination matched when receiving three cards. In the future, the experience gained can be effectively used during real bets.

Play Teen Patti online at Pin Up India

Online casino Pin Up India offers all its customers to enjoy the exciting gameplay of the Teen Patti real cash game. On the site, users will have the opportunity to play this slot machine in two modes:

  1. Demo. The game will be available to every player, even without prior registration. The gameplay will not bring real rewards, but it allows you to gain experience and knowledge.
  2. Real rates. This game mode can only be used by registered Indian players on the Pin Up website. Here you need to make bets from personal funds, and there is also the opportunity to get real rewards.

Enjoy the exciting game of Teen Patti, a popular Indian poker variant characterized by simple rules and generous payouts.

Common questions

What is Teen Patti cash game?

Teen Patti is a popular Indian version of poker. According to its rules and features of the gameplay, it is very similar to three-card poker.

Is online 3 Patti legal in India?

By launching the Teen Patti slot at the Pin Up online casino, gamers from India get the opportunity to enjoy high-quality and legal gameplay.

Is Teen Patti available in Pin Up game?

Yes. This slot machine is in the game library of the online casino Pin Up. All customers from India can enjoy the game in free mode or make real bets.

Is it safe to play Teen Patti online?

It is safe to play Teen Patti slot at Pin Up online casino site. The gaming machine is licensed, and its technical characteristics are fully consistent with reality. The slot is generous with payouts.