Review — Crazy Time on real money at Pin Up

Crazy Time is a classic gambling entertainment that is at the TOP of the most popular shows among gamblers worldwide. Crazy Time is non-standard entertainment, but a whole show reminiscent of the wheel of fortune. In the show, the presenter spins a huge drum, divided into 54 sectors with different values. The main goal is to guess where the rotation cycle will stop. Only luck will help you play the Crazy Time game live and get money. There are no cheating or computer algorithms that can be calculated. At casino PinUp, gamers from India can enjoy this exciting and vibrant gameplay and experience the features of the online game. And make sure that this entertainment is perfect for having fun in their free time and getting generous winnings in addition.

The show is hosted by the croupier, which helps to fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the casino. In addition, there is a special video slot at the top of the screen, which can give players additional bonuses. There are several prize sectors with bonuses on the reel, in which you can hit a big jackpot. All registered customers of Pin Up Casino from India can enjoy this real money game and make sure that it is quite possible to receive winnings based on this entertainment.

Main features of Crazy Time game live

The bright, huge Crazy Time wheel is divided into 54 sectors, with multipliers and additional bonuses. They have different values, multipliers, and totals. There are various cells on the wheel, namely:

  • x1;
  • x2;
  • x5;
  • x5;
  • x10.

The following table will help you understand the meaning of each cell and its location on the wheel.

Cell value Location on the wheel
1 located on sector 21 of the wheel
x2 occupies 13 sectors
odds x5 located on 7 cells
x5 occupies 7 sectors of the wheel
odds x10 located on 4 cells

Crazy Time Live participants have a 16% chance of landing bonuses on the reel. Simply put - 1 time out of 6-7 spins of the wheel. Chances can vary both up and down because The croupier can spin the drum in different directions.

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Themes of PinUp game machines

Pin Up Casino is a popular international gambling and entertainment portal. The online club offers gamers from many countries the services of launching slot machines and various gambling games. Pin Up online casino is popular among gamers from India. The site is different:

  • quality design;
  • a wide range of software;
  • transparent terms of membership;
  • fast payments;
  • ongoing support work.

Gamers from India note that the Pin Up online casino website has a large portfolio of gambling software. The site presents a lot of gambling and an attractive variety. The following table allows you to familiarize yourself with the features of slot machines in the Pin Up online casino.

Category Description
Slots In this section, gamers from India will meet a lot of high-quality slot machines with different themes, difficulty levels, and high return rates.
Table games In this section, users are offered many options for Roulette, Scratch Cards, Sic Bo, and other popular gambling games
Card games In this category, Pin Up online casino offers Indian gamers popular types of Poker, Blackjack, Keno, and other card games.
Live casino This section contains popular gambling games that can be played in real-time. Here the gameplay will be controlled by a live dealer, and the participants in the gameplay will be ordinary casino customers.
Other games In this category, customers will be able to meet other gambling games that are not included in the previous sections. The list of this category includes Crazy Time and other interesting games.

It is worth noting that the Pin Up online casino offers gamers from India to play the provided gambling and entertainment software for free (in demo mode) and for real bets. Players themselves have the right to decide when and how they play the game. Due to the presence of generous bonuses, it is possible to launch slot machines in the Pin Up online casino as profitably, profitably, and less risky as possible.

Crazy Time Bonus Features

It is not for nothing that gamers from India are actively launching Crazy Time registration at the Pin Up casino. This entertainment has exciting bonus features that can improve the gameplay and provide more generous winnings.

In total, the online game Crazy Time has 4 bonus features:

  1. Cash Hunt.
  2. Pachinko.
  3. Coin Flip.
  4. Crazy time.

Each function has its features and distinctive characteristics. The following table allows everyone to understand each of the above four functions, their advantages, and what it can give the player during gameplay.

Bonus Feature Description
Cash Hunt This is an optional mini-game. Gamers are offered a field of 108 cells. This field contains random multipliers. The client is given a certain time, which he must spend on choosing one of the cells. After the mini-game is completed, a signal will sound, and then the final amount of the winnings will appear on the screen.
Pachinko After Pachinko falls out on the playing field, an additional field appears on the screen — this is a wall with many stakes. Below, you can observe 16 distinctive values. These values are called multipliers. Further action for the croupier — he releases the ball. Where this ball hits — such a multiplier is received by the participant in the gameplay. The maximum multiplier in this bonus game is x 10,000.
Coin Flip This Bonus Round is very much like a coin game. Two circles of different colours will be located on the screen — blue and red. On each round, the size of the multiplier is randomly determined. The croupier launches a chip, which is coloured from different sides in the same colours as the coins on the screen. The player will receive such a multiplier depending on which side the chip falls. For this bonus game, the maximum multiplication is x100.
Crazy time After this icon appears during gameplay, the croupier moves to another room. There is a large wheel in a separate room. Players must choose one of the three proposed labels placed on top of the reel. Next, different multipliers will fall out, and the gamer needs to try to catch as many multipliers as possible. The maximum bonus in this bonus game is x20,000.

As you can see, Crazy Time online game offers a lot of interesting bonus rounds. They allow you to win generous prizes. Therefore, the fact that there is no jackpot in the Crazy Time online game does not bother gamers from India. They can get big rewards based on the bonus games that are featured in the Crazy Time slot.

Crazy Time game show: Top Wins

TCrazy Time demo game does not offer jackpot customers. However, this does not upset the Indian gamers who are registered with the Pin Up online casino. The absence of a jackpot in the Crazy Time online game does not prevent gamers from getting big rewards. Generous winnings are directly related to the presence of four bonus features in the Crazy Time online game. Based on them, you can receive rewards that significantly exceed the size of the usual winnings.

With these features, Indian gamers can expect the following rewards:

  • Cash Hunt. Thanks to 108 different multipliers, you can collect a high reward.
  • Pachinko. The max win in this bonus round can be up to 10,000 times your original bet.
  • Coin Flip. The reward can be hundreds of times higher than the original bet due to high multipliers. The latter is constantly changing.
  • Crazy time. In this bonus round, a gamer from India can increase the initial bet by 20,000 times.

As you can see, the lack of a jackpot does not prevent customers from receiving generous rewards.

Check the Rules Before You Play

Crazy Time is a popular online casino among gamers from India, which can be launched at Pin Up online casino. However, without knowledge of the rules and features of the gameplay, the chances of a successful game are significantly reduced. Therefore, each player needs to carefully study all the rules and features of this gameplay before the start.

To understand how to win in Crazy Time by betting on money, you need to know the rules of the game and its features. All players have access to a fixed bet time limit — of 15 seconds, during which they need to decide on its value and specify the amount. Important points:

  • Bets can be placed on 4 bonus rounds or numbers: 10, 5, 2, 1.
  • The bet is accepted for 1, several, or all sectors.
  • The wheel's rotation is on par with the rotation of the top slot. If the numerical bet has been played, Top Spin is applied to it. If the player's bet does not go in, the wheel spins further, and the game continues.
  • The minimum bet limit is 15 Indian Rupees. The maximum bet is not more than 130,000 Indian rupees.

Given the acceleration of the range of bets, the crazy money wheel will appeal to both beginners and regular casino customers who are used to betting big. In the show, it is impossible to calculate all indicators, conduct general analytics, and choose the most optimal value, as in sports betting. Only luck, observation of the course of the game, large bets, and many others can help here. All these indicators, taken together, significantly increase the potential prize and the chance of receiving it.

How to register and play Crazy Time

To play the Crazy Time online game for real bets, gamers from India must first register at the Pin Up online casino. Registration is simple and looks like this:

  1. We go to the Pin Up casino website.
  2. Click the "Register" button in the upper right corner.
  3. Fill out a new client form.
  4. We accept the terms of membership.
  5. We complete the account creation.

After that, the Indian gamer will have his account and game account on the Pin Up casino website.

To play the Crazy Time show for real bets, the Pin Up casino client must ensure a positive game balance. To do this, the casino offers popular and reliable methods that are available to all citizens of India. When the balance is positive, you can choose the Crazy Time game, place real bets and wait for victory.

Practice Crazy Time demo mode

Crazy Time demo is a unique opportunity that all Indian clients of Pin Up online casino receive. Thanks to the demo mode, everyone can explore the slot and play in safe mode.

The free game has many advantages:

  • No registration.
  • No risk.
  • No investment is needed.
  • An experience.

Let's analyze all these advantages in more detail using the following table.

Advantage Peculiarity
No registration The demo mode of launching the slot does not require registration from the player. Thus, just guests of the portal can play.
No risk Virtual credits are used as bets, so players do not risk personal funds.
No investment is needed Gameplay in demo mode does not require real bets, so gamers do not need to replenish the game balance.
An experience The demo mode allows you to study in more detail the features of the selected slot in a safe mode and gain experience that will allow you to successfully play the game in the future.

Download Crazy Time casino app to play for money

Pin Up online casino offers to install a mobile app on smartphones. The application allows you to enjoy the gameplay in the online game Crazy Time casino app and other slots from your phone.

The portal site offers two shrink files for the following operating systems:

  • Android;
  • iOS.

Each file has technical parameters for efficient operation. The following table will show them.

Android iOS (iPhone)
Installation file size 35 MB 35 MB
Installation Free Free
OS Version

5.1. and higher

8.0. and higher
Functional Complete Complete

How to win using effective Crazy Time casino strategies and tactics

It is quite possible to win in the online game Crazy Time. Moreover, Indian customers of Pin Up online casinos are offered high chances for successful gameplay. However, certain rules and strategies should be followed to significantly reduce risk rates to increase these rates to the maximum.

The whole essence of the gameplay lies in the right machines. A gamer can lose his money by making the wrong bet. To increase your chances of winning, you must Crazy Time casino strategy:

  • explore all sectors;
  • evaluate the odds of all available bets;
  • learn the rules of the game and actively apply them;
  • do not make big bets;
  • control your bankroll;
  • use bonus opportunities correctly.

Such simple tips will help increase the chances of a successful game in Crazy Time.

Play Crazy Time for Free at Pin Up India

Online casino Pin Up India allows customers to play Crazy Time for free. The demo mode allows players to evaluate the quality of the gameplay, check in practice how they have learned the knowledge and rules, and gain experience. After such preparation in demo mode, subsequent real betting will provide higher chances for real gameplay.


How to play Crazy Time?

Crazy Time is a fairly simple online game. Customers are offered a large wheel with 54 sectors. The task of the player is to make a bet that will win.

How to withdraw money from Crazy Time?

After the gamer wins in the Crazy Time slot, he can collect his winnings. As soon as the reward is credited to the client's main balance, it can be withdrawn.

Is Crazy Time available in Pin Up game?

Pin Up online casino offers its gamers from India the opportunity to run the Crazy Time show. You can play for free and for real money.

Is it safe to play Crazy Time online?

Yes. The Crazy Time slot has high payback rates, runs on a random number generator, and offers generous bonuses.